I give my husband to mum & my sister to ‘service’ when I’m not in the mood – Woman (video)

A woman has unapologetically revealed that she shares her husband with both her mother and her sister to make him happy.

As if the practice is not bizarre enough, the woman identified as Madi Brooks said: “Yeah I’m that kind of wife.”

According to the Daily Star, the woman, her mum and her husband from the US say they are all in an open relationship.

She explained that there are times she is not in the mood to make her husband happy, and cannot starve him, so she hands him over to her mother and her sister to attend to him while she rests.

“Me and my mum are both swingers and it’s great.

“You know why? Whenever I’m not in the mood, I can just let my husband have her.

“Yeah I’m that kind of wife. I let my husband have her a couple of times a week,” Madi Brooks revealed.

“You wanna know how I keep my man happy? I let him play with my little sister,” she added.

Her revelation has left many of her followers surprised, with some of them wondering how that arrangement came about in the first place.

Watch the video below:


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  1. I am never seen this kind of woman the time she see is period she tell are mother to help her and tell her small sister to help her service her husband get sex wow digress ful to both families

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