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‘I Was Overwhelmed By Emotions’ :Chief Chikwaka Admits He Gave False Narrative As Prophet T Freddy Rape Trial Continues

The trial in which Goodness and Mercy Ministries founder, Prophet T Freddy is accused of raping ZBC Radio presenter Rutendo Makuti continues at the Harare Magistrates’ Court and the State has led its witness Murambiwa Witness Bungu who is also known as Chief Chikwaka.


The Chief said Prophet Freddy and Makoti were intimate even before the alleged rape incident.

Chikwaka further admitted that he gave a false narrative after he had an interview with a local online publication over the matter.


Prophet T Freddy’s defence counsel, Everson Chatambudza exposed how Chikwaka narrated an inconsistent version of events in regard to the rape allegation.


Chikwaka’s version of events in court was different from the one he told the online publication and it was also different from the one he wrote in his warned and cautioned statement.

In the said interview, the chief claimed that Makuti informed him of the alleged rape on the night of the incident whereas in court he said that he received the call during daytime.


Chikwaka admitted that the court can not rely on his online media version of events as he was overwhelmed by emotions.


Furthermore, Chief Chikwaka admitted that both Prophet Freddy and Makuti are not from his area and he had no jurisdiction to preside over the matter as a chief.

Prophet Freddy through his lawyers then asked him why there are allegations that he summoned the man of God to his ‘court’ if he had no jurisdiction to preside over the matter.


Chief Chikwaka answered that he called Freddy to his homestead not in his capacity as the Chief but as Makuti’s uncle.


Prophet Freddy then argued that Chief Chikwaka abused his office by conducting a “kangaroo” court.

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