’If cops don’t get him, we will’: Angry residents vow

Police in South Africa’s Manenberg has warned a man accused of murdering his teen girlfriend and dumping her body in a wheelie bin to hand himself in before angry residents get hold of him.

The death of Elene Lino, 19, whose butchered body was found on Sunday morning has sent shockwaves through the Cape Flats community who are baying for the blood of Gavin Manuel, 49.

Her body was discovered by sister Candice Baartman, 26, who allegedly caught Manuel red-handed pushing the bin.

It is suspected that he stabbed Elene multiple times during an argument and put her in the wheelie bin but was caught on his way to discarding her body.

Her body was discovered by sister Candice Baartman, 26, who allegedly caught Manuel red-handed pushing the bin.

BUTCHERED: Elene Lino, 19. Picture supplied

When confronted by Candice, he left the bin in the street and fled the scene.

Vanessa Adriaanse of the Community Police Forum (CPF) says an angry mob gathered in the streets near Matilda and Nellie courts on Sunday, carrying kinives and bricks following rumours that Manuel had been spotted.

“They heard he was there and went mal because they plan to kill him,” says Adriaanse.

“The community is devastated by this murder.

“There have been murders here before but the vicious nature of this case has angered the community,” she says.

“They arrived with knives and bricks and the police were called out but he was not found.


“I spoke to the residents and they are determined.

“The gangsters, women and children are all standing together.

“They have told us that if the police do not get him, they will.”

Manenberg police station commander, Brigadier Sanele Zama, says detectives are working around the clock to trace Manuel, and urged the suspect to hand himself over to cops before residents get him.

“The detectives are following up leads and at this stage he is still in hiding.

“I can confirm that a patrol van was sent to where residents claimed he was but he was not found.

“We are making a plea to the suspect to hand himself over because if the community gets him first, we fear the worst.”

Zama says neighbours who overheard the argument between Lino and Manuel revealed to cops that her last words were: “I am not in the mood.”

“The community has made their own deductions by what was meant by that and at this stage we don’t want to speculate that this was a reference to sex.

“It could have been that she was not in the mood for another argument as neighbours also said they had been fighting for several days,” adds Zama.

Vanessa says as the search continues, they are urging residents to piemp Manuel.

If you have seen the suspect, call Manenberg police on 021 699 9400.

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