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Illegal Tollgates, Bypass Roads Bleed ZINARA

Some unscrupulous individuals are reportedly making a killing through illegal tollgates thus depriving the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) of thousands of dollars in potential revenue.


Investigations conducted by Manica Post revealed that individuals like Padhina Dzumbira are now living large from the proceeds of the illegal activities.

Dzumbira has had several brushes with the law for operating illegal tollgates and ZINARA now suspects that there are powerful people backing him.


He has been operating an illegal tollgate at the 22 Mile Toll Plaza along the Mutare-Chimanimani Road for years now and has a pending extortion case before the courts.


Law enforcement agents are reported to be part of the scam as some of them man these unsanctioned tollgates at night, collecting various amounts from motorists bypassing the tollgates.


In an interview with Manica Post, Manicaland Provincial Road Engineer Atherton Zindoga said the illegal tollgates and by-pass roads were a cause for concern. Said Zindoga:


“The Government is losing a lot of revenue through these illegal tollgates and bypass roads.


At all the three toll plazas in Manicaland, some motorists are using by-pass roads to circumvent them.

The notorious one is the 22 Miles Toll Plaza where Dzumbira has been operating an illegal tollgate for a very long time.


He has been arrested before, but he has remained adamant. We do not know who is backing him.


Last month, we wrote him a letter warning him to stop his operations, but he didn’t stop.


Police moved in and arrested him, but we have gathered that he is back to man the illegal tollgate.


We have resolved to barricade the by-pass road. We will only leave a road that will go directly to Dzumbira’s homestead.


We also hope that the police manning the tollgate will also assist us in ensuring that all the illegal activities are stopped.”


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