It Ended In Tears: Man conducts DNA tests on his kids 3 times and finds out all of them aren’t his

A man has opened up on being a victim of paternity fraud and how he found out that he is not the biological father of all his 3 kids.

Taking to his Twitter account, @SkhaloM8 revealed that he conducted DNA tests three times on all his children and the result showed that they were not his kids.

He made the revelation in response to a lady who tweeted that it is necessary for men to carry out DNA tests on their kids if they have any suspicion.

According to him, this happened before he met his current wife who also bore him three kids.

Read the man‘s full post below:

”Yes my lady …I did DNA test 3 times and for all the kids none of them were mine”

Just to be clear before people say I’m shooting blanks ..I have 3 kids now…twin girls and a son..and ofcause I did a DNA n they all mine from the same woman,” he tweeted.

man tweet 3

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