I’ve accepted marriage proposal of my friend’s boyfriend but I’m feeling guilty – Lady cries

A lady who claimed that her friend’s boyfriend is worthy of being snatched is seeking advice, saying she is feeling guilty after accepting the guy’s marriage proposal.

In the words of the confused lady, she has always had feelings for her friend’s lover but tried her best to suppress it.

She added that things however went out of hand after the guy started chatting with her on WhatsApp and it became clear to both of them that the intimate feeling was mutual.

She took to social media to solicit advice as to whether to reveal the truth to her friend or wait for her to find out later.

“I feel guilty typing this but it is to what it is. One year ago, I started developing feelings for my friend’s boyfriend but I made sure I suppressed it, as hard as possible until he said hi to me one day on my WhatsApp.

Read her full letter below:

“I was surprised the feeling was mutual, because I never gave any signal to him at any point. It was impossible not to give him audience. So, we started chatting and then we kicked things off secretly. We kept it secret because we didn’t want to hurt her in any way, she is nothing but nice to me and he never complains about her and she has never complained about him.

“I see both of them as perfect for each other, couples without quarrels or issues but I don’t know why he was falling so hard for me, me that I’m always giving him problem, always look for ways to end things but he never helps.

“I even took a course abroad, just to be away from him but he came visiting all the way and we continued until he proposed to me there. I remember my friend called me and was telling me of how they were discussing marriage, I was as genuinely happy for her, but when he came and proposed to me, I was confused so I asked him about the marriage talks, he said he has never promised her marriage that they never talk to that extent.

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  1. The truth is doing what your feeling is feel is right but you are destroying your future bcz these two in relationship they won’t stop love each other tomorrow you will become a devil bcz of evil things that you want to do stop it early start praying to chess out that dimon

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