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Judicial managers sued over ‘fraudulently’ taxed bill

A shareholder for Pioneer Transport has filed an application for review at the High Court after co-judicial managers allegedly connived with the Master of High Court to issue a “fraudulently” taxed bill.


Lamcent Capital, represented by Mr Lameck Tarupuwa, argue that the US$359 559 bill be converted to the local currency at 1:1 in compliance with the law, whose net effect was to effectively redenominate all assets, debts and liabilities to that value in local currency.

The firm wants the setting aside of the bill taxed by the Master of High Court and by substitution an order issued that the co-judicial managers Mr Raymond Sibanda and Mr Oliver Mtasa resubmit their bill for taxation.


The firm also seeks “an order finding the taxation by the first respondent (Master of the High Court) of 27 January 2021 to be grossly irregular as due process was not followed.


And another “order directing the taxed bill in United States dollars to be re-denominated in RTGS/ZWL at 1:1 as per the provisions of Statutory Instrument 33 of 2019 as codified in Section 22 of the Finance Act 2 of 2019.


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