Kariba woman survives buffalo attack

A Kariba woman on Sunday afternoon sustained serious injuries when she was gored by a buffalo on the outskirts of the town with ZimParks saying that with overpopulation of wildlife in conservation areas animals will encroach on human lands in search of food.


Ms Kerry Murimbika (29), who is recuperating at Kariba District Hospital, was gored by the wounded buffalo on her left thigh with the beast’s horn protruding to the other side. She was attacked near the town’s sewage ponds while looking for manure.

ZimParks spokesperson Mr Tinashe Farawo described the attack as unfortunate and a direct result of growing wildlife populations in the area.


“The attack is one of many attacks that we have been witnessing across the country. While the attack is unfortunate, it is a sign that wild animals are overpopulated and as we are moving into dry months, they encroach into the human land in search for food.


“They have also become a danger to themselves, hence the need to depopulate the areas and translocate them to underpopulated areas,” he said.

Kariba District medical officer Dr Godwin Muza, said Ms Murimbika was now out of danger and would be discharged from the hospital soon.


According to eyewitnesses, the woman was thrown into the air before she was gored by the buffalo’s horns.


Kariba is seeing such attacks. A Kariba man was recently trampled to death by an elephant while a nine-year-old girl survived an attack by a stray elephant by a whisker.


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