Ke December Morning pills run out in Byo

THERE was a very high demand for condoms and morning after pills during the festive season in Bulawayo, with some pharmacies running out of the pill, B-Metro has learnt.

This should not come as a surprise as research suggests that people tend to get busier between the sheets in December, thanks to the Christmas and New Year’s Day festivities.

The morning after pill and condoms are over the counter contraceptives that are available at pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription.

The morning after pill falls into the category of emergency contraception; an unwanted pregnancy can be avoided with its use.

It works by temporarily stopping the ovary from releasing an egg. It’s kind of like pulling the emergency brake on ovulation.

Felecia Mlauzi a nurse at Mpilo Central Hospital said some pharmacies ran out of condoms and morning after pills during the festive season.

“In December condoms and morning after pills are consumed in large numbers to an extent of running out of stock, I think it is because during the Christmas season people tend to be more excited and they become sexually active,” said Mlauzi.

A pharmacist, Caroline Ndlovu, from Executive Pharmacy shared her observation on the uptake of condoms and morning after pills during the festive season.

“From my observation for years, I have noticed that in December the uptake of condoms and morning after pills is very high and I think that is caused by the parties and alcohol influence because it will happen that when people are drunk, they end up having unprotected sex and the next thing they will be in pharmacies to get the morning after pills.

“In January the uptake then becomes low because people will be getting back to normality and they are fewer party activities as people will be back to business,” she said.

Nothando Peace Ncube from QV Pharmacy said women buy morning after pills because they are not scared of sexual transmitted infections, but pregnancy.

“Morning after pills are the ones being bought mostly in the pharmacy so from my own perspective I have realised that women are afraid of getting pregnant more than getting STIs and HIV.

But it is possible that they get free condoms from clinics and hospitals,” she said.

“Looking at the rate of morning after pills in 2021, they were just moving fairly because from April to December the average of the moving rate of these was 52 percent,” said Ncube.


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