KFC South Africa to start selling fried head and feet

KFC in South Africa is planning to start selling fried chicken head and feet.

People in South Africa loves chicken head and feet so much that you will find a person selling grilled chicken feet in almost every corner in some townships.

“We saw the opportunity and we want to capitalize on this as soon as possible, we are just waiting for the results of a pilot that is taking place in Limpopo and Eastern Cape. When the results are back all we need is a green light from HQ and we are set.”

“The friend chicken head and feet will come in different menus and combos, like the hot heads and the dunked heads, you know the usual.”

Many South Africans feels like KFC should leave the chicken head and feet business to people eKasi and stop being greedy.

“Soon they will be selling fried Mopane worms and Gushe, they should be ashamed of themselves” – Thabo.

Please tell us what you thing about this in the comments, will you buy fried chicken heads from KFC.

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