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Kombi Crews Plan To Hunt Down Traffic Cops

Some pirate kombi crews in Bulawayo are reportedly planning to attack traffic police officers at their homes in retaliation for the burning of two kombis in the city centre on Wednesday.


The Wednesday clashes saw four police officers being attacked by suspected kombi crews consisting of touts and drivers, money changers and vendors, Chronicle reported.

This was after the cops had arrested a kombi driver who was driving a vehicle without number plates and had dropped passengers in the middle of the road along Herbert Chitepo Street between 5th and 6th Avenue.


The mob attack left four police officers hospitalised and two kombis were burnt to shells and pirate crews have blamed the cops for the fire incidents.

Chronicle is in possession of audios that were part of conversations by kombi crews on WhatsApp groups where some of them were threatening to attack cops.


In one of the audios, one of the members is heard saying that it is not difficult to trail the officers who were at the scene on Wednesday. He said:

“Let’s look for someone who will tell us where the police officers who were involved in this incident stay.


I know where some of them stay but we need those who are responsible for burning the cars. They need to be identified so that we can approach them in their homes.


These people go to the shops, can’t we find someone who can track them down? Let’s trace them, we will find whoever did this.


Just in a day, we would have caught them. It’s not like these people spend all of their time at Drill Hall (police offices).


They also knock off and go to their homes, we need to follow them into their homes. We should not kill him or her but just deal with them.”

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  1. Same police they forget that they are human beings like those kombi pirates. that kombi is like a office to them thus where they feed they familys , so as police How do you feel if someone like you , can burn down your house and act as if nothing happened ,Number two you can’t force people to join zupco because our cars is not government property , by burning citizen’s property you are showing us that you want every kombi to join zupco by force , we have nothing to do with corona virus , because by telling us that you preventing people from corona virus by join zupco , is zupco immunity tell us , is corona virus after kombi pirates hee , please don’t keep pushing us , we don’t want a war but if police and government keep pushing us one day they be no go ZONE area in matebeleland because we believe that zanu pf government is using Police enforcement to attack us , This is free country if its not please tell us.
    we work hard for our properties ,its not stolen ,

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