Lady buys iphone worth 4K only to discover it’s Itel after reaching home [Watch]


A Lady has been swindled of a huge sum of money after she was sold a fake phone in place of a real one by a fraudster.


The Kenya lady went to Luthuli Avenue (Nairobi) and bought a phone worth Ghc4k, thinking that it was an iPhone but when she reached home, she discovered that she had been conned.

The con phone dealer sold to her an Itel phone that was disguised as an iPhone.


Although the phone had an iPhone logo, she realized it was a cheap Chinese Itel phone after switching it on.


There were instances where people had gone to buy phones in Luthuli Avenue but on getting home, they discovered that they had been sold phones stuffed with fufu.

People that usually fall victim of buying fake phones are those patronising touts hawking these gadgets because they are usually cheap compared to the ones sold in shops.


Watch the video below :

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