Lady goes down on her knee to propose marriage to boyfriend in public [video]

A courageous young woman has shocked social media after proposing marriage to the love of her life in public in a video that is fast going viral.


In many parts of the world, it is the generally accepted norm for men to propose to women. Many times, they do this by going down on one knee as they present a ring to their boo.

Well, in a viral video on the internet, a lady was seen going against the status quo in a public proposal, the lady could be seen going on her knees and asking for her man’s hand in marriage.


The man who was a bit stunned, outstretched his fingers so the proposal ritual could be completed in one harmony underlined by their mutual love.


A man who probably filmed the lovey-dovey moment turned the hypeman for the spectacle as he could be heard in the background boosting it.

Other shoppers then clapped after they sealed their engagement with a kiss.


Watch the video below :

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