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Latest On Kimberly Who Killed Soldier In Highfield Machipisa

Disaster struck at a nightclub in Highfield during a late-night beer binge when a suspected lady of the night killed a soldier.


The news circulated on Monday morning of the death of Julius Tichawana at Club Saratoga at the hands of a woman identified as Kimberly or Kiki who stays in Canaan.


Kimberly is in police custody and has so far indicated to police how the alleged offence was committed.

Rumour has it that the two hooked up for a quickie and Kiki charged US$10 for the service but Tichawana was not satisfied and demanded half his money or another round.

Drunk Kimberly could not barge to his demands and hit the soldier in the private parts resulting in his death.

Another rumour has it that the soldier flashed huge amount of cash to Kimberly promising to spend the night with her and, in turn, she hired goons who came and robbed him of the cash and killed him.


A vendor plying around the area said they woke up to news of how Kimberly had killed the army man after a misunderstanding.


“The two had agreed to have s_x but after their adventure, violence ensued leading to the sad ending,” the vendor told a local tabloid.


Mourners are gathered in Chitungwiza.

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