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Lawyer escorts client to prison

Guruve based lawyer Nancy Mabhoyi failed to spare a jail term to her client Takura Gora (39) who was slapped with a six-year jail term today on four counts of burglary by Guruve resident magistrate Rumbidzai Mugwagwa.


Prosecutor Albert Charehwa told the court that Gora had ravaged various goods from different businesspeople at Guruve Business Centre.

On the first count, on May 9 2020 at around 1400hrs, Gora used an unknown metal object, broke the key and entered Sabhamusi Nicholas’s tuckshop.


He stole goods worth above RTGS$33 000 and RTGS$13 826 worth of goods was recovered.


On June 6, Gora used a duplicate key and gained entry into Nyarai Munyaradzi’s tuckshop and stole goods worth above US$700 and merely US$134 was recovered.


On the third count, Gora, during the month of June 2020, used an unknown metal object to break into Tariro Gava’s tuckshop and went away with goods valued at around US$520 and US110 was recovered.


On August 30, Rudo Nyakuriona (32) suffered defeat as Gora stole goods worth around US$930 and about US$320 was recovered


The matter came to light when, on September 19, Gora was arrested after cops received information that he was allegedly selling stolen stuff.


Gora was arrested and led the cops to his homestead where he had buried the stolen goods. Bulawayo24

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