Mad rush as Ghanaians readies to play a role in a p_orn movie worth $70,000

Ghanaians on social media are salivating at the opportunity of starring in a p_orn movie where they’re required to cover their faces with a mask.

Ghanaians especially some of the youth are mindless about how they will survive, in fact, they will do just anything to make the money and ignore the consequence that may arise.

With the high rate of unemployment and high cost of living in the country, any opportunity that presents itself as a means of making money, they’ll go with the flow.

A Tweep identified as Keegan @Kvng_Dela took to the microblogging platform, Twitter to announce a ‘juicy deal’ in search of people to act a p_orn movie worth $70,000.

The role demands the actor/actress to wear a mask thus cover their faces with masks in order not to be seen by viewers when the movie is out.

According to the account, the auditions will happen at the plush Villagio estates in Accra.

The response to the “job offer” was wild, with several Ghanaians asking for details about the opportunity.

It’s very likely that the said ‘opportunity’ was made in jest. However, the reactions that followed indicated that ……anything for di money!

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