Malema reiterates support for Russia

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema has again thrown his party’s support firmly behind Russia in the ongoing conflict between that country and the Ukraine.

Russia invaded Ukraine more than three weeks ago. At least ten million people in Ukraine have fled their homes as Russia bombards major Ukrainian cities.

Speaking on Human Rights Day at the commemoration of the Sharpville Massacre, Malema said that Russia had given support during the liberation struggle against the apartheid regime – providing arms, money and education,

“We are here to say to NATO we are here to say to America we are not with you, we are with Russia and today we want to say to Russia thank you for being there when it was not fashionable to be there and do not doubt our
support Russia. Teach them a lesson, we need a new world order, we are tired of being dictated to by America.”

“Russia equipped us with weapons and gave us money to fight apartheid”

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