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Man (50) poisons wife

A Glendale based man isin soup after he attempted to kill his wife with rat poison on Monday.


Fidelis Nyanhi (50) of Major Brown farm, Glendale is assisting police with investigations after he attempted to kill his wife Rosemary Badzarigere (45) by poisoning her food.

Mashonaland Central deputy police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Naison Dhliwayo confirmed the case.


“I can confirm an attempted murder case in Glendale where a husband (Nyanhi) poisoned his wife with rat poison and the wife was treated and discharged at Tsungubvi clinic,” Dhliwayo said.


It is alleged that Nyanhi and his wife are not in good books.


On the day in question, Badzarigere was at her tuckshop on the same farm when she requested for food from her daughter who was busy with household chores and told her brother to go with the food to their mother.


The brother refused and their father took the food to her before sprinkling rat poison on the food.


The wife received the food and started eating but felt the funny taste and thought the food was burnt. She lit a torch before discovering rat poison.


She confronted the husband who fled from the tuckshop before drinking three pints of fresh milk.


She called her son who accampained her to the clinic where it was established that she was poisoned.


Badzarigere was treated and discharged while Nyanhi was arrested for attempted murder.


Police warned people to live in harmony and seek counselling when they have differences.


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