Man Down As His Girlfriend Tosses His Ring On The Ground After He Proposed To Her In Public [Video]

Inasmuch as some women would enjoy the attention when their spouse decides to propose to them in public, some ladies also detest the action with everyone looking into their businesses when their spouses propose to them in public.


Well, some ladies will also reject proposals just because they are not ready for marriage or not interested in the person making the proposal. Whatever may be the reason behind the rejection, it will be very embarrassing for a lady to reject a man’s proposal in public.

In a video sighted on social media, a young man had the worst experience of his life after his girlfriend whom e loves dearly rejected his marriage proposal in public in the presence of their peers.

In the video, the man knelt down and brought out his ring from its hiding place just as any man would do. As their peers hail the couple for the journey they are about to take together, the lady took the ring from the guy and tossed it on the ground. Her friends tried pleading with her to rethink her decision but it seems she had already made up her mind not to settle with the young man for reasons better known to her.

Watch the video below:


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