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Man Kills Friend Over Mobicel Phone

A 25-YEAR-OLD Tsholotsho man was yesterday arrested for allegedly killing his friend over a Mobicel cellphone.


Qedamandla Mpala of Gandisa Village under Headman Maduma, Tsholotsho suspected his friend Ernest Ncube (20) had stolen his cellphone.


On Wednesday last week, he asked Ncube to accompany him to Bubude Business Centre and confronted him over the issue along the way.

Mpala allegedly threatened to stab Ncube with an okapi knife before hog-tying him.


He cut a switch and repeatedly struck him on the stomach.

When his friend continued insisting he did not know anything about the missing phone, Mpala allegedly got angry and hit him on the stomach with the back of an axe before raining kicks on him.


An enraged Mpala left his friend tied up.


Ncube managed to free himself and went home to sleep.


The following day, he was vomiting blood and was taken to Bubude Clinic where he was referred to Tsholotsho Hospital.


Ncube was treated and discharged but died at home that night on Thursday.

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