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Man Nearly Killed For Confronting Wife’s Suspected Lover

A SILOBELA man is battling for life after he was struck on the forehead with an axe and further assaulted with bricks when he confronted a fellow villager whom he accused of having an extra-marital affair with his wife.

The villager committed the abuse while being assisted by a colleague.

Police in Midlands have since launched a manhunt for the two for committing the brutality on Tawanda Denhere who had confronted Mthokozisi Moyo over the alleged affair.

“Police is investigating an attempted murder case where a 42-year-old man was struck with an axe on the forehead at Musilahobe Business Centre, Silobela.

“The incident occurred on 16 May 2021 at about 2130 hours,” Midlands Province police spokesperson Emmanuel Mahoko said.

“It is alleged that Mthokozisi Moyo and Mabude Ncube, male adults of Village Nduku Chief Malisa, Silobela were at Musilahobe Business Centre when they were approached by Tawanda Denhere, a male aged 42 years, accusing Moyo of having an extra marital affair with his wife.

“A misunderstanding arose between the two; Mabude Ncube intervened and struck Denhere with an axe on the forehead whilst Mthokozisi Moyo struck him several times over his body with a brick before they ran away,” Mahoko said.

“Members of the public are discouraged from solving disputes using violence.

“People should always seek third parties in solving disputes; like village elders, community leaders or the police,” he said.-New Zim

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