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Man Rapes Co-Tenant (15) Who Had Approached Him Looking For Movies

A Harare man reportedly rape a 15-Year-Old girl who had approached him looking for DVD to watch movies.


The matter was reported at ZRP Marlborough under RRB 4738226.

The accused, Phibion Madhiri is on the run.


It is alleaged that the accused is the co-tenant of the complainant.


Reports say that the complainant was watching movies in her room and decided to approach the accused person so that she could get other movie discs to watch.

She allegedly went to accused’s room where she was invited to enter into the accused person’s room. The complainant occupied a different sofa and started watching movies.


After a while, the accused person proceeded to where the complainant was and sat close to her. He reportedly started caressing the complainant’s body but the complainant ordered him to stop. Before she could free herself, the accused person had gone on top of the complainant and pressed her against the sofa.


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