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Man returns home from night shift and finds naked gunman in his room: My wife was hiding behind him

HE returned home from night shift on Sunday, 6 June and knocked on the door, but there was no answer.


So he opened the door and was shocked by what he found on the other side.


He found a half-naked man holding a gun!


His wife was hiding behind the man, apparently her sneaky secret lover. A struggle ensued and shots went off.

Daily Sun tried to contact the husband (36) from Gavaza Village in Tzaneen, Limpopo, but his phone was off. His wife said she hadn’t heard from him since Sunday.


Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo said when he returned home from night shift, apparently the man walked into every husband’s worst nightmare.


A half-mapona stranger was in his house wearing only trousers!


The cheeky makhwapheni was holding a gun and the man’s wife stood hiding behind him. The lover allegedly tried to shoot the husband.


Said Mojapelo: “Two shots were allegedly fired and the two fought over the gun. They allegedly fought outside the house and three more shots went off. The husband allegedly overpowered the boyfriend and the man ran away.”


Mojapelo said the boyfriend ran away in his trousers, leaving behind his underwear, purse and a shirt.


The wife, who’s in hiding, said she and her husband have been together since 2014 and have two kids. But he’d often disappear whenever he found a new woman and she was gatvol.


“He’d sometimes not come back from night shift but would only return after three or four days,” she claimed.


She said on the day of the incident, her husband told her he might be back after a few days.


“I thought he was spending time with his girlfriend, so I invited my boyfriend to come sleep over. Unfortunately, things got bad when he came back in the morning,” she said.


The wife said her family knew she was in an unstable relationship. A relative said they were aware the relationship was on and off but didn’t want to interfere.


“They’re adults and should know right from wrong. Their problems will affect the kids. It’s their private business and they need to sort it out,” said the relative.


Neighbours heard gunshots but didn’t know where they came from.


“This is a police matter and we wouldn’t want to be drawn into a domestic violence case and become witnesses,” said a neighbour.


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