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Man Teams Up With Friend To Murder His Brother-in-law

A Gweru man was recently arrested after he murdered his brother-in-law through assault using a knobkerrie and a homemade sword.


Innocent Sibanda who had a long-standing dispute over an undisclosed matter with Prosper Mangisi (31) allegedly teamed up with his friend Montrose Ncube to kill the now-deceased, New Zimbabwe reports.

Midlands police spokesperson Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the tragic incident which occurred on Friday 28th of May 2021 at Winery Compound in Gweru. He said the murder case was now under police investigation.

“ The Zimbabwe Republic Police is investigating a case where a man teamed up with a friend and killed his brother-in-law over an undisclosed longstanding dispute.”


On the fateful day at about 1900 hours, Sibanda and Ncube allegedly met Lovemore Mangisi, aged 20 years, a young brother to the now-deceased at the compound, and started assaulting him.

Prosper Mangisi, who was nearby rushed to intervene, and the suspects, unfortunately, turned on him.


The now-deceased younger brother managed to escape.


Meanwhile, Sibanda and his friend Ncube who were baying for Prosper’s blood remained and continued assaulting him all over the body using fists, knobkerrie, and a homemade sword.


Another brother to the now-deceased arrived and managed to stop the attack.





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