Mangudya Freaks Out Over Balcony Cuddlers

RESERVE Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has thrown its employees captured sharing an intimate moment at its building under the bus after receiving backlash on social media.


This comes after social media was awash with images of a ‘couple’ hugging on one of the Central Bank’s floors creating insinuations that the two were having an extra marital affair.

One twitter user, O Cristo Redentor who first published the images put the caption, ‘if wifey left in a red skirt and works at RBZ she is cheating on you with someone from work.’

In a statement, RBZ governor, John Mangudya said the ‘couple’ whose names remain undisclosed works for one of the bank’s service providers which has since been alerted of the incident.


“The Bank wishes to express its displeasure at the images circulating on social media of a man and woman hugging each other on the smoking zone mezzanine floor of the Bank Building.


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