Matopo High school expels 15 learners over alleged sex scandal

Matopo High School in Matabeleland South expelled 15 learners last week and put another 10 on punishment for ‘improper association’ after a group of boys snuck into the girls’ dormitory.

This matter did not go down well with parents of some of these learners, as they insist the school did not conduct a proper investigation.

According to the school, ‘improper association’ warrants immediate removal through expulsion but parents claim the school made a hasty decision on the matter.


Sources told CITE the school authorities believe on April 24, 2021, several boys connived with girls and visited their dormitory between 1 am and 3 am, where some of them allegedly indulged in sex.


After the alleged act, the boys snuck back to their dormitory.


The incident was discovered two weeks later after one of the students reportedly made a tip-off to the school authorities who expelled the learners.


But their parents argue that expulsion is not viable, given that children spent over a year out of school due to Covid-19 where they were ‘also exposed to a lot of things, so the school should have been more supportive.’


“Where does a Form Four pupil get a place for a new start second term without further jeopardising the future of the child?”


Reached for comment, the Director of Communication and Advocacy in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Taungana Ndoro acknowledged receipt of the issue and said investigations were still ongoing.


“We are investigating that issue, I’m sure by next week we will have a determination on the matter,” he said.

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