Mbuya Ndunge Threatens To Strike “Prophet” With Spirit Of Madness

Controversial Masvingo preacher and slayqueen godfather Isaac Makomichi has reportedly clashed with Mbuya Ndunge over supremacy of spiritual powers.


Unconfirmed reports say Mbuya Ndunge has threatened to visit Makomichi’s shrine and strike him with madness.


The two (mbuya Ndunge and Makomichi) have reportedly been fighting since last year over clients.


Sources say Mbuya Ndunge has declared she knows the source of Makomichi’s powers and she is ready to expose him.


Sekuru Gava a traditional healer based in Harare said Mbuya Ndunge will win but she has to make thorough preparations because she might be killed by the so called “ghana juju”.




“Only rivers make noise but deep oceans are silent,” Makomichi commented.


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