Meet the Himalayan tribe where brothers share and marry the same wife

When we think about marriage, what comes to our mind is a man and woman coming together as a husband and wife. But when it comes to the Himalayan tribe, things are not the same when it comes to the definition of marriage.

Meet The Himalayan Tribe Where Brothers Share And Marry The Same Wife

In the Himalayan tribe, brothers marry one wife, it is called a polyandry marriage. Such marriages are practised because some families own very small portions of land. Because of this, brothers marry one wife, so the properties in the family won’t be shared because it is not enough. 

In some cases, women marry their first husband and wait for the younger brothers to come of age so that she can marry him also, and they will live together in the same house as husband and wife.

In this traditional practice, the brothers don’t get jealous of each other because they are married to one wife. The main purpose of this practice where brothers get married to one wife is because of the scarcity of land and resources in that community.

The Himalayas have little land for farming and agriculture, and if a family has more than one son, they have no other option than to share the lands among their sons, but since the land is not much, the sons have to get married to one wife, so they can still manage the lands and properties they inherit from their parents. 

  • Research shows this practice is slowly dying, but it doesn’t stop the fact that some people are practicing such a marriage because of scarcity of land and resources.


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