Meet the incredible dwarf family of arguably the shortest persons in the world

The Youtube video by Afrimax has it that they may have inherited the height from their mother.

Their mum identified as Anne Marie who is still not in the know of her actual age said her parents gave birth to 11 kids but she turned out to be the shortest of them all.

She would go on to marry and pass on the same height trait to her two offspring, a man and a woman.

Anne’s son named Katihabwa said he had tied the knot with a lady after several failed attempts and their union produced five kids. He said three were tall with only two carrying on his dwarf stature.

He lamented that his wife however dumped him for another man, leaving him to cater for the kids alone.

The hardworking man revealed how they suffer bullies and taunts from people but find solace in the thought that it is God who thought it okay to create them that way.

One of his kids, Aisha revealed that she was born of normal height mysteriously got shorter as the years progressed.

Khadidja, the other child of Anne decried how parents prevent their kids from coming to see or interact with them but stated that they were already used to it.


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