Moment a pastor increases the size of man’s ‘Gbola’ during deliverance service – [VIDEO]

A Nigerian preacher known as Evangelist Gospel Agochukwa performed a miracle during a church service after a man cried for help as his manh00d had shrunk after being stolen

Evangelist Gospel Agochukwa who is the General Overseer of Shekina Area Ministries made a ‘display’ of God’s power in the presence of the congregation as he returned the man’s third leg to him and increased the size.

In a video that has since sparked mixed reactions on social media, the clergyman asked the man if his boxer shorts got missing not long ago and he responded in the affirmative.

Evangelist Gospel Agochukwa asked him if he knew the cause or the one behind his stolen manh00d and he answered no.

“They collected your boxers and said your manhood will stop working. Ever since then you can’t feel your manhood.

When you stay for sometimes you will touch it small, even on the bus? I will collect back your manhood and give it back to you.

Do you want a bigger size? I can increase the size spiritually,” the Pastor said while the man confirms his vision by nodding and screaming ‘Amen.’

The man of God then prayed for him and asked God to release his manhood, stomach, and intestine whilst laying his hand on his forehead and lower abdomen. Immediately the pastor touched him, he jerked and fell on the floor.

The latter part of the video shows the man sharing a testimony about his restored manh00d which has also increased in size.

Watch the video below;

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