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Mudzuri probe latest

Police have intensified investigations into the case in which MDC-T vice president Elias Mudzuri is being accused of murdering a 23-year-old-man at his Duriro Bar in Harare last week.


The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Homicide Section has since received the docket for further investigations and will soon summon Mudzuri for questioning.

Ronald Mukumbira was allegedly assaulted on June 7 and died on June 10 at a house in Epworth, from injuries sustained during the attack.


A relative, identified as Clephas Mambara (18), then notified police officers at Epworth Police Station.


Officers at Epworth Police then contacted Harare Central Police where the docket was immediately referred to the CID Homicide for further management.


The matter is under investigation under case number, IR 060659.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the case saying investigations were still in progress.


“We have intensified investigations with a view to ascertain what transpired on the day in question. In fact, the CID Homicide is pursuing the investigations and he (Mudzuri) will be summoned soon,” he said.


Mudzuri and a relative identified as Leonard Mudzuri allegedly teamed up with other accomplices and assaulted Mukumbira.


It is alleged at around 2am on June 7, Mukumbira was at Duriro Bar along Coventry Road opposite Colcom Industries where he was drinking beer.


Police said Mukumbira was later assaulted by the suspects using unknown weapons.


After the assault, Mukumbira was taken to Sally Mugabe Central Hospital by well-wishers and was discharged on the same date.


An unknown person helped Mukumbira to reach his house in Epworth at around 3pm.


He told his mother, Mrs Netsai Mukumbira (42), that he was assaulted by Elias Mudzuri, Leonard Mudzuri and other unknown accused persons at Duriro bar where he had sustained a deep cut, injuries on the head, ribs and knees.


It is alleged that he was later unable speak until June 10 when he died around 7pm.



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