Mutare granny gives birth to five baby boys

A 70-year old woman became the talk of the city of Mutare after she delivered five baby boys at Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital last Wednesday.

On May 18, during the morning in Dangamvura Surburb, Mrs Muranga who turned 70 in January this year suddenly started to feel labour pains from a tummy which everyone perceived as a “fat belly.”

She immediately awakened her hubby Mr Muranga (80) to alert him about unusual tummy movements and pain. Mr Muranga then quickly informed his three children. The ailing granny was ferried to Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital by one of her sons, Munyaradzi (40).

Munyaradzi told Kumakomo Community Radio that when his mother arrived at the hospital, the nurses informed them that her blood pressure was very high as a result of he pains.

When the doctor on call arrived, Mr Muranga and his two sons were filled with anxiety and they could not wait to ask what the doctor diagnosed.

Some tests were also done but results delayed because of a power failure at the hospital.

One of the nurses who was in the female ward, noticed some unexpected movements on the patient. She quickly peeped inside the linen and she could not believe her eyes after discovered a baby coming out.

As if it was not enough, four more babies were delivered safely. The shocked Mr Muranga and his sons could not believe the news.

When Kumakomo Community Radio reporter arrived at the hospital at around 7 am, it was babies galore in the labour ward.

The gynaecologist Doctor Mhunza recommended that the old lady should remain admitted until her blood pressure reaches manageable levels.

Mr Muranga revealed that he never expected such an incident but he thanked God for the blessings.

“l don’t know how this came about. Five baby boys at once. This is awesome. My wife and l, our children and neighbour’s used to joke about my wife’s fat belly but today l am a proud father of seven sons. The Lord and my ancestors are forever faithful,” said Muranga.

When asked for comments, the sons were dumbfounded and could only shake their heads.

Nurses refused to allow this reporter to get into the ward to get a comment from the old “mum”

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