My dad is opposing my marriage because he won’t get to sleep with me again – Lady shares

It’s the dream of every lady to settle down with her better half and start a family. But that isn’t the case with Yaa(Pseudo name) as her father keep opposing all the people who have shown interest in marrying her.

According to Yaa who is now thirty years (30) in an interview, her father started sleeping with her when she was 14years.

Narrating how it started, she said her dad called her into his room one day and told her she was his beloved daughter amongst all his children.

He then kissed her (which was normal because he has been doing it with all the other children) but this time around he took it a notch higher by kis$ing her neck and her br3asts.

She continued that her father then started sleeping with her and he always use ‘she is her beloved daughter’ as an excuse to always have $3x with her.

This continued until her father got the chance to travel to Australia.

Months after he left, he sent them mobile phones and demanded that a specific one be given to Yaa but her mother examining the phone saw that it had a lot of p0rn videos on the phone which got her angry.

When he was confronted as to why he decided to give that particular phone to her, he denied knowing the content of the phone saying he saw the phone on the floor and didn’t know it contained all that.

Later, the father called her and said that he put the stuff on the phone on purpose for her to learn.

He eventually persuaded her to start having phone $ex with him, which became the norm.

The girl finished high school, went to nursing school, and during this time they were having phone s3x.

After graduating from nursing school, she was assigned to the village of Adongo Wenchi, where she met and was proposed to by a young guy.

Watch the video below:

They began dating and even joked about it on Facebook.

The girl’s father learned about the girl’s Facebook activities and advised her to avoid the man.

The guy approached the girl one day and asked who Kwame Amankwa was, to which she replied that he was her father.

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