Mysterious fire leaves Bindura villagers stunned

A mysterious fire has gutted more than 30 homesteads at a settlers’ village, Ledbury Farm in Matepatepa in Bindura.


In the absence of a solid explanation, in the absence of evidence of the source and indeed in the absence of science, the villagers find themselves pointing fingers at each other and obviously, in times like these, accusations of dabbling in witchcraft thrive.


Desperate villagers, there, are now looking for answers everywhere from prophets to the occult and to God, but the answer is just not there.

The village is now agog with speculation that someone is using Sandawana, a goblin believed to bring good fortune to one person at the expense of others.


Although the fire which started on June 27 at Torero compound has subsided after close to a month of burning, women and children are still sleeping in the open fearing that the remaining grass-thatched huts might catch the fire while they sleep.


So desperate are some of the villagers that they have resorted to removing the grass thatch from their huts to protect their property.


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