‘Ndinyengeiwo Girl’ Lorraine Guyo Bags A Role In A NetFlix Film

Social media personality Lorraine Guyo of the “Ndinyengeiwo” fame has bagged a role in a South African Netflix film.


Lorraine Guyo is set to star as Candy in the upcoming Netflix film, ‘The Bad Bishop’.


Becky Casting Agency announced the development on social media as they congratulated her.

In a statement, Becky Casting Agency wrote;



“Congratulations my little angel, your enthusiasm at such a tender age really inspires me.


“It took us three months and I kept telling you that your time will come and here it is, after many auditions that came and go. Congratulations!


“Cast as Candy for a Netflix feature titled “The bad Bishop”. Shooting in Limpopo by September. Well done!”

Taking to Instagram Lorraine thanked Becky Casting Agency for helping her land the Netflix role and for believing in her.



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