New Parliament building 100pc complete

WORK at the new Parliament building in Mount Hampden on the outskirts of Harare is now complete, with furnishings for offices and chambers done.

Presently, what is outstanding are ancillary works around the building as well as the construction of access roads.

In a post on its Twitter handle on Thursday, the Parliament of Zimbabwe said the building was complete.

“Final inspections are currently being conducted on the New Parliament Building in Mt Hampden through the Ministry of Local Government.

“Structural work, furnishing of offices and chambers is done. Ancillary work around the building involving access roads, and lighting is currently underway,” said Parliament of Zimbabwe.

A recent visit to the New Parliament showed that world-class equipment and furniture are being installed.

At the main entrance of the superstructure is a water fountain with the iconic Zimbabwe Bird decoration.

There is also a civic square that provides a better view of the New Parliament and which comes with television sets to allow the public to follow proceedings from outside.

Art of craft dominates the rooms including the Senate room, which has a pure Zimbabwean flair, eye-catching ceiling, designer carpet, modern information communication, and technology equipment.

Situated on a hilltop, the new Parliament building is a six-storey circular building, co-joined between two and four-part blocks.

The building will house the Upper Senate chamber and the Lower House of Assembly as well as a multi-purpose gallery and offices.

The project is being undertaken on a six-hectare stand on high ground in Mt Hampden, about 20km from Harare city centre.

It is funded by the Chinese government through China Aid in support of Zimbabwe’s infrastructure development thrust.

Checking progress on the structure a few weeks ago, Local Government and Public Works Permanent Secretary, Mr Zvinechimwe Churu, said the 32-month project was supposed to be finished in July last year but its completion was extended by eight months due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr Churu said formalities will be done by the Chinese Ambassador at an appropriate time to hand over the building to the Government of Zimbabwe.

“The main buildings of the project will be completed by the end of this month. The civil works around the building we expect to be finished by the end of April only with the exception of the car park area.

“That area belongs to the contractor while still doing their work, so we give them time to mobilise and remove their equipment. When they have done that then the car park will be constructed,” he said then.

Mr Churu said it was their expectation to engage the Shanghai Construction Group to design the car park so that they maintain the same levels of quality.

“With respect to energy, Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission Distribution Company has done a wonderful job.

“They have already energised the building and we now enjoy electricity availability. The Ministry of Transport has constructed the ring road and it is part of the national road network now. So a lot of progress has already been made,” he said.


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