New salary offer for civil servants …as Govt plans to build flats for workers, vendors

A technical team constituted by the Government is set to table a report this week that will determine a new salary offer that will be taken by the employer to its workers as negotiations over civil servants remuneration continue.

In March, Government and its employees reached a deadlock after failing to agree on a new salary structure after the employer tabled a 25 percent salary increase, with a promise to further increase salaries periodically.

Although there was a deadlock, the Government in May effected the adjustment that saw the lowest paid worker being paid US$205 equivalent on the interbank exchange rate in April, while another 45 percent review will be effected at the end of June.

Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Professor Paul Mavima told Sunday News yesterday that technical personnel were preparing a report after which Government will be able to table another offer to civil servants.

“For now, our technical people are compiling a report on the issue, once it is done we will look at it as a ministry then we go back to the negotiating table with Government workers. As you might know this will be the third session of these negotiations, therefore, we are hopeful that this time around we will reach an agreement for progress sake,” said Prof Mavima.


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