New typhoid vaccine roll out starts in Byo

BULAWAYO yesterday joined the nation in rolling out the new typhoid conjugate vaccine (TCV) set to protect children aged below 15 years from typhoid which has been mainly detected in the city, Harare and Gweru.

The programme is being rolled out by health authorities in conjunction with the Primary and Secondary Education Ministry.

Zimbabwe is the third country in the world to make the TCV part of its routine immunisation programme.

TCV helps to prevent typhoid fever, which is a life-threatening infection and outbreaks are increasing in the country.

The vaccine is being introduced through a nationwide catch-up vaccination campaign which will integrate vaccines for polio prevention (IPV) and human papillomavirus (HPV) including Vitamin A supplementation into the campaign.

This new vaccine is very effective and will provide protection for at least three years or more with only one dose.


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