No bra challenge goes viral as the world commemorate ‘No Bra’ day (PHOTOS)

Today, the 13th of October is an important day as it marks a worldwide cancer awareness initiative dubbed No Bra Day.

As part of activities to mark the day, women are encouraged to go braless in order to remind people that breast cancer, though a potentially fatal disease, can be prevented and treated upon early detection.

The annual commemoration is not held as a breast showcasing event but rather to respect women out there who are struggling with breast cancer.

However, commemoration has been turned into an annual social media craze, serving as an opportunity for some women to unleash the whoreness in them.

A snap survey by AfroGazette showed that scores of women took to Twitter and Instagram to show off their assets as they took part in the challenge.

At 17.45 the hashtag #NoBrayDay was still number one on the Twitter trending list.

See the photos below:



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