North Korea is claiming that Kim Jong-il invented the burrito

North Korea’s former leader invented the burrito ten years ago, bizarre propaganda in the country has suggested.


The false claim came as the country said it was doing a ‘booming’ trade in the Tex-Mex dish in the capital, Pyongyang.


A surreal video described the meal as a ‘wheat wrap’ to a population struggling with food shortages.


The Rodong Sinmun newspaper, seen as a government mouthpiece, reported that the burrito was thought up in 2011 by Kim Jong-il – the father of current supreme leader Kim Jong-un.

Surreal newsreel footage shows North Koreans munching on the snacks at a stand outside the Kumsong Food Factory.


The broadcast also showed a mural of Kim Jong-il grinning in a kitchen where burritos were being prepared.

It is far from the first outlandish claim about the former leader, who supposedly shot 11 holes in one during his first ever round of golf, when he claims to have shot an unprecedented 38-under par.


Those who have escaped the secretive state have also poured doubt on the idea that the wraps are common there.


Hyun-seung Lee, who was born into an elite North Korean family but fled the country in 2014, said most of his countrymen couldn’t even dream of such a meal.


‘This is because they are not even given an opportunity to encounter it’, he said.


‘The majority of citizens do not have money to buy the foreign food.

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