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Nyanga Man Kills Brother Over 0.02 Grammes Of Gold

A Nyanga man has been arrested for killing his brother over 0.02 grammes of gold which they had panned in Nyamutombwe area near Mozambique.

Police confirmed the incident and said they are treating the case as murder. Manicaland deputy police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka said the suspect Samuel Sokiri (27) was drinking beer with Simudzai Sokiri (31), Freddy Mukonowamwere and Alois Nyamatanga at Chimusasa business centre.

After drinking they decided to go back home to rest. On their way, the accused person, Samuel and the now-deceased; Simudzai Sokiri had a misunderstanding over 0.02 grammes of gold which they had panned in Nyamutombwe area near Mozambique.

“A dispute ensued and degenerated in a fist fight. Mukonowamwere tried restrain the two but failed.

The accused person started assaulting Simudzai with his fists in the head and fell unconscious,” said Asst. Insp. Chinyoka.

After committing the offence, Samuel left the scene together with Nyamatanga and Mukonowamwere. Chinyoka said they left the deceased lying unconscious on the ground.

Simudzai was later discovered by a Good Samaritan Chimusasa Kembo (67) who was coming from Chimusasa Business Centre.

“The now deceased was spotted by Kembo while lying unconscious with some injuries in the head and face. He rushed home and informed Samuel and his wife, Nyarai Nyamuwe who went with him to the scene and carried Simudzai to his home,” said the deputy police spokesperson.

Simudzai is reported to have succumbed to the injuries the following day at around 2300hrs. The matter was reported to Ruwangwe police station by Chimusasa Kembo who attended the scene.

The body was taken to Nyanga District Hospital for post mortem. “As police, we urge members of the public not to take the law into their own hands. They should learn to resolve their disputes amicably. –ZimEye

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