Olinda threatens to drag Tatelicious to court over cheating, HIV claims

UK based socialite Olinda Chapel has threatened to drag Sweden based fellow socialite Tatelicious Karigambe-Sandberg to court after she went LIVE on Facebook accusing Olinda of being unfaithful to her musician husband Tytan Nkomo.

Tatelicious is alleged to have claimed Olinda keeps sending her rapper ex-boyfriend Stunner money and that Nandi is not Tytan’s daughter but is actually Stunner’s baby.

In a video Olinda who said she has had enough of Tatelicious’ bullying and will put an end to it and if it means taking each other to court, she will gladly do that.


“Ndoswera ndichi bhurwa inini muma comments ndichindzi I’m always giving people AIDS you went as far as saying kuti Nandi haasi mwana wa Tytan haah mwana wa Stunner. How do you think mbuya va Nandi feels vachindzwa zvinhu zvakadaro,” she said.


She added, “Those vasingazive Tatelicious, She abuses people’s characters … I’m going to put a stop to it… kana zvichireva kuti toendesana kuma courts ngatiendesane kuma courts.”



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