One-year-old toddler dies after a truck offloaded sand on him

A one and half-year-old toddler has died after a truckload of sand brought to his father accidentally offloaded on him in the Central Region of Ghana.

The heartbreaking incident occurred on October 13.

According to a report seen by AfroGazette, the toddler’s father had requested that sand be brought onto their premises for construction work.

The deceased’s father then directed the tipper truck driver to a location to unload the sand, without knowing that the little boy had followed him.

The truck driver offloaded the sand and left but the man could not find his little son.

A search party combed the entire vicinity but could not find the toddler.

Then, someone advised the family to search the area where the sand had been offloaded earlier, and they did, only to find the lifeless body of the infant.

His heartbroken father said he did not know that the boy had followed him outside the house when he was attending to the tipper truck driver. The driver too said he was unaware the child had rushed to the location he was directed to offload the sand.

A report has been filed with the Awutu Bawjiase Police Station about the incident.

The body of the infant has been deposited at the morgue while a police investigation is expected to begin into his death.

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