Parents threaten to withdraw students from Kutama College as bullying soar

PARENTS with children doing Form One at Kutama College are living in fear for their children’s safety as they are alleging that they are being bullied and tortured by school prefects.

According to a letter written to Lordship Bishop Diocese of Chinhoyi Raymond Mupandasekwa by one parent, details of the alleged gruesome torture, suggests that the rookies are being subjected to inhumane treatment such as being forced to crawl around their hostel corridors more than 10 times.

While the Government have passed a law against corporal punishment, the Form Ones are not spared as they are said to have been physically assaulted by the prefects using bare hands and belts.

The parent further alleges that last week, the students wrote an anonymous letter to the headmaster, Mr Mukoyi reporting one of the prefects’ behaviour but no action was taken.

Another parent from Chinhoyi, Memory Chitiyo said her child got a knee injury after having been forced to crawl around the sports ground.

He is also battling tonsillitis after he and other boys were forced to lie down half-naked in the courtyard while they got rain-soaked.

Efforts to get comments from Bishop Raymond Mupandasekwa were futile this morning.


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