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Parkwood man dies trying to rescue girlfriend from burning home

Cape Town – A man died trying to save his girlfriend when a fire broke out in the backyard where they lived with others in Parkwood, destroying four to five homes.


Beanie Jacobs, 55, and Delia Joos, 39, lived in a backyard dwelling in Parker’s Walk.

According to residents, on Wednesday, just after 12.30pm, a fire which had apparently been left unattended spread to a gas tank in one of the homes. The tank exploded.


Jacobs and Roos were inside their home when the fire broke out.


Chemone Benn, whose wooden structure was the only one to survive the flames, said they believe Jacobs tried to save Joos.

“A woman in the backyard started a fire and left it unattended. My brother noticed the smoke and called all of us, but it was too late, the fire had already spread.


“As we understand it, Beanie managed to get out of the house but when he realised that Delia was still inside, he went back in and tried to save her. We are devastated by what happened.”


She said she had known Jacobs for a while and Joos had moved in with him recently.


Police spokesperson Colonel Andre Traut said an inquest docket had been opened.


Community leader Bishop Paul Phillips said backyard living conditions contributed to fires.


“The backyarders issue is a major contributing factor as it forces people to illegally tap into power supplies, strain the sewage systems and cause fire hazards due to the slum-style buildings.


“The leadership once again wants to take the human settlement process to task on this matter.”


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