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Pastor Refuses To Vacate Rented Residency

Bulawayo pastor and police officer Chrispen Zvinhumue has allegedly refused to vacate from a rented house which he occupied for three years in Nkulumane 14.


The owner of the house Sibongile Ncube said Zvinhumue became arrogant when he was told to move out of the house.

“Zinhumue has been living in my house for three years now and when I asked him to look for another house he became difficult and he is disrespectful to me and everyone who asks him why he is refusing,” he said.


“The reason why he is refusing to vacate is that he wants the court to remove him, and he is saying he can’t find a house in Nkulumane. He also wants to prove a point as he said that if he is challenged he will not move.”


Ncube said Zvinhumue was given three months’ notice of eviction but he failed to adhere to the terms and conditions.


“I have taken this issue to the Resident Association that has been handling the matter for four days but Zvinhumue failed to have the understanding to vacate the house,” she said.


“He was given a three months notice from 16 March to 16 June 2021 but he is refusing to abide by the notice of the action”.

Zvinhume denied the allegations adding that it is difficult to find a house when Covid 19 is causing havoc across the country


“There is no way I can refuse to vacate from someone’s house but people have to understand that it takes time to find a house during this Covid era,” he said.


“I am a professional man and I work with the law. I have children and I can not sleep outside as I’m speaking I am building my own house. Why would I refuse to leave.”


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