Peter Ndlovu To Challenge Mnangagwa In 2023 Presidential Race

Interim leader of the All People’s Party says former Warriors skipper, Peter Ndlovu, has shown some keen interest in leading the party in the runup to Zimbabwe’s 2023 council, parliamentary and presidential elections.


In an interview, Sabastian Mubvumbi said all party supporters want Ndlovu to lead the party “as the two bulls (MDC and Zanu PF) in the ring are now tired and maybe a third voice would come in and try to balance things.”


Mubvumbi said he has held at least two meetings with Ndlovu, who is affectionately known as Nsukuzonke, where they discussed possibilities of him becoming the next Zimbabwean president.

“That’s when Peter Ndlovu’s name was mentioned and everyone was happy about him.


“I held meetings with him in South Africa. I used to fly to South Africa and we talked about this and he was agreeable. He said ‘go and make the right arrangements and when the right time comes I’m at your disposal’. This is why you see that I’m the current acting president but the people’s choice is Peter Ndlovu. This seat is reserved for Peter. I don’t have any reservations about that


“Peter is still gainfully employed in South Africa. He is employed by one of the country’s billionaires and if this thing (party) takes shape and he is willing to come back home, he will take the top party position and lead us in the 2023 general elections.”


He said, “… Come 2023, Peter’s name will be on the ballot box. I’m very certain about that. We have done our homework.”


Efforts to contact Ndlovu were fruitless as he did not respond to questions sent to him by VOA Zimbabwe Service.


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