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PG guns for forex looters

MORE than 1 800 individuals and corporates who were linked to externalising nearly US$1 billion by contravening exchange control regulations will soon be hauled before the courts.

Prosecutor-General Mr Kumbirai Hodzi is presently assembling a team of specialist commercial lawyers to prepare for the cases, which could possibly lead to forfeiture of assets belonging to those who would have been convicted.

In 2018, President Mnangagwa published a list of individuals and corporates who had failed to heed his call to repatriate the externalised funds after the expiration of a three-month amnesty.

The list of shame categorised the looters in three broad categories — those who externalised funds through failure to repatriate export proceeds; payment of imports not received in Zimbabwe; and funds stashed in foreign banks in cash or under spurious circumstances.

It also included 1 844 corporates and individuals in mining, agriculture, manufacturing and cross-border freight.

From US$1,4 billion that was spirited out of the country, US$591,1 million was recovered through the amnesty, while $826,5 million remains outstanding.

PG Hodzi told The Sunday Mail that specialist lawyers will look through individual cases.


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