PHOTO: Bishop Maponga’s wheelchair picture causes a stir

A picture of Bishop Joshua Maponga in a wheelchair has confused Zimbabweans.

The picture which was taken at an airport has been circulating on social media.

In the picture Maponga’s little finger on his left hand is wrapped in a white bandage and his left knee appears as if it’s swollen.

An online Facebook page shared the picture on Facebook with the Caption:

Joshua Maponga one of the Zanu-Pf supporters just last week he was busy praising Mnangagwa he went far to say Zimbabwe’s health facilities are in good condition so now he is in South Africa for medical assistance, Please our dear SAns if you see him anyway send him back to Zimbabwe we are busy fighting with our brothers because of this type of nonsense misleading people he must go back to Zimbabwe where he said the is good health facilities.

Maponga claims that he was hurt while doing some farming business and got treated in Zimbabwe but went for a meeting in South Africa..


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