Police officer dies on top of a s3x worker during intercour$e inside the brothel

After fainting during intercour$e at a lodge in Ndhiwa town, Homabay County, Kenya, a police officer has been confirmed dead.

The event occurred on Friday night, according to Paul Rioba, the Ndhiwa Sub-County Police Commander and the man whose identity cannot be divulged was a police officer.

The lady the 55-year-old police officer was having s3x with, is said to be 25-years-old.  R

The man died while inside a room with the lady. According to the woman who is in custody, the man collapsed and died during s3xual intercour$e.”

The man is said to have first arrived at the lodging and booked the room before he was joined by the said lady.
In her statement to the police, the lady said that when the man collapsed she had no option but to inform the management and it was at that point that police officers were briefed about the incident leading to the arrest of the lady.

Rioba added;

“She is in custody as she assists the police with investigations.

“We do not want to speculate anything at this time until the postmortem is carried out so as we get to know what really transpired.”

The deceased officer was taken to Manyatta Kabodo morgue awaiting autopsy.

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